Call for Papers: ‘Museums and Community Action: Decolonising the Curriculum’

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Museums and Community Action: Decolonising the Curriculum, Webinar, 10-11 December 2020
University of St Andrews Icofom – International Committee for Museology
The Special Project Museums, Community Action and Decolonisation (2020-2022), proposed by Icofom – International Committee for Museology for this triennial, aims to foster international debates and develop theoretically bases for museum practice relating to the claims and actions of communities seeking greater
agency through the forum of the museum. By “community action”, we refer to groups moved
towards voicing and making visible a common purpose or social cause that can lead to the decolonisation of the museum device.
What does it mean to decolonise the museum in the 21st century? How are the current debates on museum decolonisation actually promoting the recognition of local practices and actions? Are communities and activists really being heard by museum professionals? What
kind of museum experiences and actions is helping to reshape a post-colonial world? How can the museology and heritage studies curriculum best interrogate these issues?
Deadline for proposals: 01 October
All proposals must be sent before 01 October 2020 to the following e-mails: mgci@standrews. and, with the subject “Museums and Community Action (article)”.

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