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PhD Profiles

Kate Keohane‌‌‌ MA MA(Hons)

I completed my undergraduate degree in the History of Art at the University of St Andrews (1st Class Hons) (2011-2015), and my MA in Art Theory at UCL under the tutelage of Professor Briony Fer and Professor Tamar Garb (Distinction) (2015-2016). Throughout my studies, I have worked as a research assistant for a number of private contemporary art galleries and collections.
Thesis: Some Otherwhere: Migration of the Caribbean Landscape in Contemporary Art
Supervised by: Dr Karen Brown and Dr Catherine Spencer
Funded by: EU-LAC-MUSEUMS, Horizon 2020
Research interests: Contemporary Art, the Caribbean, migration, landscape, photography, text and image
My research focuses on theories surrounding ‘place’, ‘space’ and ‘landscape’ in relation to contemporary photography and film that reflects the ‘Caribbean’ region. Whilst it is difficult to dissociate the landscape from its cultural and metaphorical ‘signs’, such readings should not overlook the landscape as a historical/lived space with function dependent upon individual experience.
The analysis of work that conveys themes of migration, displacement and identity by ‘global’ contemporary artists like John Akomfrah, Isaac Julien, and Steve McQueen alongside work by artists from within the region, including Alberta Whittle, Ewan Aitkinson and Annallee Davis, allows for a more nuanced understanding of the narrativisation involved in the documentation of place. Through reference to the ideas of Caribbean writers and theorists, including Édouard Glissant, Derek Walcott and Stuart Hall, an alternative understanding of the experience of the landscape will be offered, which bears implications for the theorization of the effects of contemporary globalisation on creative fields.
Publications and activities:
  • Writer in residence Fresh Milk, Barbados (September 2017)
Grants and awards:
  • Santander Research Mobility Award (2017)
  • Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust Award (2016)
  • Award for Undergraduate Research Assistantship Programme (2015)
  • Trethowan Bursary for Dissertation Research (2014)
  • St Andrew’s prize for the top student in the Department of Art History (2014)
  • Cross Trust Vacation Scholarship (2014)


Jamie Allan Brown BA MLitt

I completed my undergraduate degree in Community Education at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland followed by a Diploma in European Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria and finally graduating from the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 2011 with an MLitt Museum and Gallery Studies.
Thesis: Youth empowerment, museums, heritage and sustainability in global contexts
Supervised by: Dr Karen Brown and Ann Gunn
Funded by: EU-LAC-MUSEUMS, Horizon 2020
Research interests: Community development, increasing participation, community museums, sustainability, social enterprise, disaster resilience, youth empowerment and supporting third-sector development.
My research focuses on what are young people’s perceptions of museums and heritage? What role do young people play within contemporary museums and heritage policies and practice? What existing pioneering and innovative heritage programmes involve young people globally? What role do museums and heritage organisations play in supporting the needs of, and empowering, young people and their communities? How do such initiatives measure the impact on young people and their communities?
Publications and activities:
  • “Facilitating a Caribbean Youth Exchange, learning from the Europe-Latin America experience.” International Conference on Museums and Communities: Concepts, Experiences and Sustainability. November 2018, Bridgetown, Barbados.
  • “Reflecting on the Bi-Regional Exchange between Europe and Latin America.” Universidad Austral de Chile, October 2018, Valdivia, Chile.
  • “Community Crafts and Culture: Empowering Indigenous Communities for a sustainable future.” International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, June 2018, Granada, Spain.
  • “What is a Community Museum?” International Council of Museums (ICOM) Annual Meeting, June 2018, Paris, France.
  • “Sharing and reflecting on a bi-regional youth exchange between Latin America and Europe.” ICOM-Guatemala Symposium on Defining the Museum, March 2018, Antigua, Guatemala.
  • “Museums, Young People and their Communities: Experiences from a European perspective.” Memory and Community Museums: the right to self-determination and the role of youth, March 2018, San Jose/Boruca, Costa Rica.
  • “The case for an inclusive museum: a perspective from excluded groups and communities.” Joint Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) and ICOFOM Symposium on Defining the Museum, November 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • “Museum Education for Social Inclusion and Cohesion.” European Commission Conference on “Europe as a Global Actor”, December 2016, Brussels, Belgium.