The University Museum Collections Unit

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Founded between 1410 and 1414, St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest university. The history of the University, its personalities and its teaching practices can be traced through the collections of documents, art works, furniture, photographs, laboratory equipment and specimens that it has accumulated.

Highlights of the University’s Collection are on display in three public venues: MUSA and Bell Pettigrew Museum. To request an appointment to view other items in the collections please contact us. All enquires should be sent to the Museum Collections staff. They will deal with your request initially, and pass it to an honorary curator if necessary.

The Museum of the University of St Andrews (MUSA)

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The Museum of the University of St Andrews (MUSA) displays to the public some of the treasures from the University’s collection of over 115,000 artefacts.

The museum has four galleries, a ‘Learning Loft’ and a viewing terrace with panoramic views over St Andrews Bay.

The ‘Learning Loft’ is the main teaching area for Museum and Gallery Studies. Professionals from the Scottish museum community and colleagues in other departments of the University make substantial contributions to the teaching of Museum and Gallery Studies. In particular, help with project work is provided by Staff in the University’s Museum Collections Unit.

MUSA Traineeship posts

Two MUSA Traineeship posts, one specialising in collections work and the other in learning and access work, have been created to offer two recent Museum and Gallery Studies postgraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and training in museum work. The successful candidates spend one third of their time based in MUSA, carrying out Front of House and operational duties, with the remainder of their time devoted to the area they are specialising in – collections management or learning and access.